Code Enforcement & Animal Control

Animal Control
The City of Federal Heights has a partnership with Allbrick Veterinary Clinic to provide rabies shots at a reduced cost for pets belonging to Federal Heights' residents. The cost is $2.50 for spayed and neutered pets, and $5.00 for all other pets. The cost includes the City of Federal Heights animal license, which is required for all cats and dogs. Residents must show proof of residency to be eligible for special pricing.

Neighborhood Concerns Form
Use this form to report concerns about property maintenance, zoning, or animal care standards in your neighborhood to the Federal Heights Code Officers. An officer will investigate the concern and provide feedback upon submission of the form.

Weed & Junk Enforcement
City codes play an important role in protecting the health, safety and welfare of Federal Heights citizens. They also help to maintain the attractive appearance of neighborhoods and protect property values.

Snow Removal Ordinance