Municipal Court

The Federal Heights Municipal Court is a part-time court. Court is held three Wednesdays a month.  ALL court sessions are now being held in person at the Federal Heights Municipal Court.
The Federal Heights Municipal Court hears and tries all alleged violations of the Charter and Municipal Code of the City.  The court is a limited jurisdiction court and a court of record.
The types of cases heard in the court are violations of the Federal Heights Municipal Code - criminal, animal and code violations as well as parking citations and most traffic violations.  Violations that occur within City limits are issued citations by Federal Heights Police Officers, Animal Control Officers and the Rental Housing Inspector.  Information on this site only applies to Federal Heights Municipal Court.  Some summonses written by Federal Heights Police Officers are written into Adams County Court.


All persons and visitors having business with the Court on court days shall pass through the front door and must go through the walk-through magnetometer.  Anyone with a weapon or any other item prohibited by law, regulation, or court order will be denied access to the building.

Only bring items that you need that are relevant to your business with the Court.

At no time will unauthorized items be held at the screening station or left with security.  Unauthorized items (if not deemed illegal) may be taken back to your vehicle.