Code Red Emergency Notification (Reverse 911)

Click HERE or on the image above to sign up for the Code Red Emergency Alert System.  Below are some common questions and answers regarding the community emergency communication service.  Please call 1-800-653-9232 for any further questions or information. 

What is Code Red?
Traditionally people know this concept as Reverse 911, which is actually a trademark name of a service that communicates information to people in a specific geographic area. 

How do I get the emergency notification call?
The system uses a database of telephone numbers and associated addresses, which, when tied into geographic information systems (GIS), can be used to deliver recorded emergency notifications to a selected set of telephone service subscribers.

What if I use a cell phone as my primary phone service and no longer have a landline? If you use a cell phone or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) as your primary means of phone service your number is not automatically included in the database.  If you would like to receive emergency notifications you can register your phone number or email address.

What if I opt not to register my cell phone number?
If you opt NOT to register your cell phone or email address you will NOT receive emergency notifications.