Large item pickup Event

Area 1 

June 10th 

Northborough, Countryside Village, Denver Cascade, Kimberly Hills, Maura Villa

 If items are missed, we will return June 11th or 12th 


Area 2 

June 17th

Lamplighter, Holiday Hills, Monticello, Homestead Heights, Parkside, Old Town, Mobile Landed Estates, Northmoor, Hyland Park Heights, 8700 Zuni St.

If items are missed, we will return June 18th or 19th

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 Program Guidelines

The City of Federal Heights and its contractors reserve the right to accept or reject any materials for collection. To assist with the flow of the project, please remove vehicles from street where possible. In order to ensure that your items will be collected, please adhere to the following program guidelines.

  • CREWS WILL ONLY MAKE ONE PASS – Bulk items not placed curbside by 7:00 AM on the day your area is scheduled for collection may be subject to non-collection or special collection fees. If items are placed on time and are not picked up on the day your area is scheduled, please wait 24 hours before notifying the city.
  • KEEP IT CURBSIDE – Items to be collected must be placed curbside along the front of your property. Items placed on or extending onto private property will not be collected.
  • BUNDLE OR PACKAGE IT – Items for collection must be bundled or packaged.
  • LARGE & HEAVY ITEMS – Items that are too bulky, heavy or too large to be lifted safely by two people will not be collected. Disassemble large and heavy items.
  • NO HOUSEHOLD TRASH – Items that your normal trash provider will accept will not be picked up.

Eligible Items

Appliances that do not contain freon, Furniture, Doors, Cabinets, Lumber with nails removed, Bagged or Boxed Grass, weeds, brush & bundled tree branches – 4 foot maximum in length, Bicycles with tires removed, Carpeting, padding and similar household bulk items.

Non-Eligible Items

Household Trash, Tires, Appliances containing freon such as refrigerators and air conditioners, Microwaves, Electronics including TV’s, monitors and computers, Mattresses, Concrete, Brick, Rock, Asphalt, 55-gallon drums, Hazardous household or construction chemicals, wastes and materials, Oil, Antifreeze, Automotive fluids, Paint, Batteries, Propane bottles/containers, Flammable fluids, Junk cars, Motorcycles, Boats

Recycling Information

Please keep in mind that this type of program utilizes limited landfill resources. The recycling and proper disposal of items is encouraged to help protect our environment and precious land, air and water resources. Please utilize the alternatives listed below for more information on disposing of or recycling your unwanted items or consider donating any reusable items in good condition.

  • Appliance Recycling Information – Unwanted Appliances – 303.430.7142 –


 Please contact us at 303-428-3526 with any questions or comments


Keep It Clean

  • DON'T POUR IT DOWN A SINK DRAIN, INTO DITCHES, STORM DRAINS OR GUTTERS - Hazardous waste can travel directly to waterways polluting ponds, lakes or rivers and can bypass the Wastewater Treatment Plant unchanged, polluting water downstream.
  • DON'T BURN IT – You risk producing poisonous fumes, contributing to air pollution or causing an explosion.
  • DON'T DUMP IT OR BURY IT – Chemicals can leach through the soil and contaminate groundwater.