Emergency Medical Services


Our goal is to provide high quality pre-hospital care.  Our billing for ambulance transport charges is provided by an outside third-party vendor.  If you have a question about your medical transport (ambulance) billing or would like to request a copy of a report, please contact our current billing service, EMS Billing, at 1-800-906-6552.

EMS RECORDS REQUESTS: Patients, Legal Representatives

  • Please call toll-free (855) 611-0056 for Records Requests.
  • For your convenience you may also email your Records Request to records@webillems.com



In 1993, the Federal Heights City Council approved the purchase of a new ambulance and the creation of a new branch within the Fire Department, the Ambulance Division.  The Fire Department began providing ambulance service to the citizens of Federal Heights on April 1, 1994.  Experienced and highly-trained Emergency Medical Technicians and paramedics staff the division under the direction of Dr. Peter Vellman of St. Anthony Hospital.  The Federal Heights Fire Department strives to provide excellent pre-hospital services to the community, as well as assist surrounding agencies when needed.

Today, we proudly provide Emergency Medical Services to the citizens of Federal Heights, as well as assist surrounding communities when needed. During the summer months, the Federal Heights population increases by 3000—6000 people/day when Water World opens for the season. The ambulance responds to over 2,000 calls per year.