Business Licensing

The following table contains a list of business-related licenses.  Please read the table and consider which licenses apply to your business. License applications may also be obtained in person at City Hall located at 2380 W 90th Avenue.  For further information or questions,contact City by phone 303-412-3540 orEmail.  

License Type Applicability Fee Application Document
Business License Physical store, building or office located in the City. All businesses operating in the City of Federal Heights who maintain a permanent physical address are required to obtain a City business license $15

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Home Occupation License Businesses operating out of a home in a residential district in the City.  $15 Home Occupation License Application 
Sales Tax License Sells or leases tangible personal property in the City via sales persons. Installs tangible personal property via employees or agents in the City. Maintains a sales staff on duty at a location in the City. No Fee

Sales Tax License Application

Sales Tax License Renewal

Refuse Haulers License Refuse Haulers operating in the City. $100

Refuse Haulers License Application