Delmar Huff

Delmar Huff (Term of Office 1970)

Delmar (Dellmar) Darwin Huff was born in Indiana on July 18, 1903 to George Riley and Eva Catherine (Aders) Huff.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1923, and was stationed at Parris Island, SC.  In 1925, Corporal Huff was stationed on the U.S.S. Cleveland, and in April, 1927, was stationed at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA.  In the 1930s, Delmar moved to Chicago, where he married his wife Helen (Brudnicki) and lived for many years.

Huff began his political career with the City of Federal Heights in April, 1964 when he was elected to the Town Board.  He was appointed Mayor Pro Tem by Mayor Cecil Carstens and fellow Trustees Edward Gray, Dale Kennedy, Norman Lewark, Angelo Satriano and Howard Skarka, and was also appointed magistrate for the Town.  Huff and and his wife, Helen, purchased tracts 33 and 34 in the City.  On March 8, 1965, Huff presented plans to the Town Board for Mobile Landed Estates (also sometimes referred to as Huff's Park), which were approved.  By May, Huff had secured 20 water taps for the mobile home park, located in original Federal Heights between West 89th and 90th Avenues at Clay and Decatur. 

At a Town Board meeting on March 14, 1966, Huff read a 1959 poem, "Indispensable Man," commenting that it seemed true to life.

Delmar's wife Helen was ill, and in 1968 the couple went to Phoenix, Arizona.  Because Huff had missed three consecutive Town Board meetings, Board members asked him to resign.  Huff didn't resign and the Town Board held a hearing and terminated him on March 3, 1968 because of absenteeism.

Two years later, in April, 1970, Huff ran unopposed for Mayor and received 342 of the 390 votes cast.  He served for six months.  During his short tenure as Mayor, Huff and the Town Board adopted ordinances for zoning, vehicle weight limitations on Town streets, mobile home parks, sales and use taxes and cable television.  He resigned as Mayor on November 1, 1970 in a letter to the Board of Trustees citing health and other personal reasons.

Within a couple of years, Delmar and Helen moved to Arizona.  Delmar passed away on July 1, 1987 at the age of 83.  His wife Helen died on August 29, 2002 at the age of 89.