Volunteer Program

Volunteers have always been an important part of the Federal Heights Fire Department.  Originally, the Fire Department was composed entirely of volunteer personnel.  Today, the Fire Department membership is comprised of seventeen career staff and sixteen volunteer positions.

Volunteers come from every walk of life.  Each has made a commitment to achieve the level of training required of them.  Volunteers work alongside career personnel, a minimum of 36 hours each month.  They participate in firefighter training and medical training each month, and have the same online education requirements as the career staff.

The Volunteer in Training (VIT) program is designed to familiarize recruits with the standard operating procedures and field operating procedures of the fire department, and includes both fire and ambulance operations.  Upon the successful completion of the on-the-job training and meeting all the training standards of the department and the State of Colorado, the VITs advance to the rank of Volunteer Firefighter.

These men and women are dedicated to providing exceptional service to the citizens of Federal Heights on their own time, away from family and friends.

Volunteer Opportunities