92nd Undergrounding Project
Sturgeon Electric Crews Setting Light Pole

Construction Projects and Road Closures

Sturgeon Electric, working for Xcel Energy, sets a new light pole on 92nd Ave as part of the 92nd Ave undergrounding project. This project will enhance the beauty of 92nd Ave by removing the overhead power lines and placing them underground. The design of this project began in late 2020 and was moved into construction in early 2022. The construction phase for Xcel should be completed by the mid part of 2023.   Once Xcel has removed their facilities from the existing power poles, the other utilities such as Comcast, CenturyLink and others will relocate as well allowing the poles to be removed.

2023 Active Projects

 Project Location Status

 PD-FD Space Reconfiguration 

Police Station and Fire Station

The City's contractor Growling Bear Construction has been working to increase the safety and capacity of the police and fire stations at city hall. The police station is being reconfigured to fit additional police and detectives. COVID protections as well as general safety improvements will be added at both building. 

Future Planned Construction Projects

 Project Location Status

2024 Waterline - Old Town Phase 1

W 90th Place, Clay Street, Elm Court

The City will be selecting a contractor to replace the failing water lines in the Old Town neighborhood. The south portion of the neighborhood will be done this year and the north portion will be done the following year. 

Street Paving 

Camenisch Way, Pecos St,

Orleans St, Orleans Ln, Rampart St, Mandel St, Royal St, W91st Pl

This project will be completed by the City's chosen contractor. A mill and overlay will be done in the Monticello neighborhood, and Pecos St. A full depth reclamation will be done along Camenisch Way. This project will also include the addition of bike lanes and related signage along both sides of Pecos Street.

Crosswalk Installation 

W 96th Ave & Elm Ct

In an effort to increase the safety of children walking to Federal Heights Elementary School the City has contracted RoadSafe to install a crosswalk at W 96th Ave & Elm Ct. This will include a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) Pedestrian Crosswalk System as well as alterations to the striping of the road.

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