Stormwater Program Information

Check out this 30-second video about stormwater pollutants provided by the Colorado Stormwater Council.

The Stormwater Utility was established to provide the financial means to properly maintain the City's storm sewer infrastructure. Dramatic improvements to reduce flood hazards and protect lives and property have already been made, and many more are on the way since the City of Federal Heights' Drainage Utility began operations in April 2001.

For over 40 years, the City of Federal Heights had not been financially able to maintain its substantial investment in drainage facilities, such as storm sewers, outfalls, and inlets. With only minimal attention, the existing facilities were deteriorating and becoming ineffective, creating greater risks with every drenching summer thunderstorm or heavy runoff from melting snow.

Compounding the problem is a backlog of projects to fix multiple stormwater drainage problems. Also, the federal government has imposed pollution-control requirements to manage stormwater quality which require additional work to the storm sewer infrastructure.

Created by City Council, the Stormwater Utility addresses financial needs to fix these problems, by collecting a stormwater management fee or Drainage Utility Fee. The fee is based on the impervious surface area (areas that do not allow water to absorb into the ground) measured on each property.

The City of Federal Heights' Stormwater Utility maintains the public stormwater drainage system which consists of curb and gutter, stormwater inlets, underground storm lines and open ditches.

Residents are urged not to dispose of branches, leaves, or grass clippings into open drainage systems or to place any debris in a location that would impede the flow of water into the underground system. Such action may result in serious flooding. Also, wastes of any type are prohibited from being put into the storm drain system.

If you notice the disposal of debris or waste into the storm drain, call 303-412-3558 or Emergency Dispatch at 303-428-8539.

In the event of flooding due to a blockage of the storm drainage system, residents may call between the hours of 7 am and 3:30 pm at 303-428-0422. In the event of a flooding emergency at any time, please call Federal Heights Emergency Dispatch at 303-428-8539.


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