Phil Stewart

Phil Stewart (Term of Office 1995 - 1999)

Phillip Edward Stewart was born May 30, 1942 in Los Angeles County, California.  He attended school at Rancho Alamitos High School, graduating in 1960.  After high school, Phil earned a bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources from Colorado Christian College and was a manager for U.S. West Communications.

Phil and his wife, Claudia came to Federal Heights in the early 1990s and stayed until 1999.

In November 1993, he was elected to City Council in Ward II and then in November 1995, ran for Mayor receiving 757 of the 1,447 votes cast.  When he was sworn in on November 21, 1995, he joined City Council members Grace Diamond, Linda Dunn-Mowrey, Mildred Earley, Carol Edwards, Mike Vallero and Sharon Richardson. 

During Stewart’s time as Mayor, the City Council addressed the criminal code, traffic code, licensing of pawnbrokers, childcare facilities and contractors.  The City Council adopted ordinances about nuisances, zoning, animals, bus shelters and graffiti.  The Council served as the liquor licensing authority.  Safeway, Northmoor Homes, Walgreens, Legacy Heights, Sonic and AutoZone were built during Stewart’s tenure.

Family was important to Phil.  In an interview before he was elected, he commented that “the birth of his children and grandchildren were the high points of his life.”  Stewart resigned on January 19, 1999 because of his wife’s health.  The Stewarts moved to several areas including Arizona and to Panama where they still live.