Floodplain Information

Welcome to the City of Federal Heights Floodplain Information page. Below are some links to floodplain information within the City of Federal Heights, along with other helpful resources from the Mile High Flood District (MHFD) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

1864 Cherry Creek Flood
The Cherry Creek Flood, Denver 1864,
Photo by George D. Wakely



  City of Federal Heights Floodplain Administration

Floodplain Mapping Update

The Mile High Flood District (MHFD) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) work together to incorporate locally developed Flood Hazard Area Delineation (FHAD) studies into the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs). The FHAD studies have been produced to identify and update flood risk information and floodplain boundaries. The Physical Map Revision (PMR) is the FEMA process to update the FIRMs. Learn more about the PMR process and what that could mean for you and your property.


The MHFD has been working on updating the Niver Creek FHAD Study dated August 2021 and now has finalized it.  This study has been accepted by the District Board at the August meeting.  It has also been referred to the Colorado Water Conservative Board (CWCB) for designation and approval, and will be considered at their January 2022 meeting.  For additional informational information related to the Study please visit https://nivercreekmdp-fhad.com/about, or if you'd like to see the newly mapped floodplain visit https://mhfd.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=527d39640fa7402bbda12bf9e640aa28

Federal Heights Floodplain Regulations
(Federal Heights Municipal Code)

Floodplain Development Application

Federal Heights Floodplain Map



  Mile High Flood District (MHFD)

Mile High Flood District



  Federal Emergency Management Agency

This website allows you to scroll in and out to find your specific site or location as it relates to the floodplains.

Floodsmart The national flood insurance program.

FEMA Elevation Certificate (online fillable form).

FEMA Elevation Certificate (fillable .pdf form for download).