Mission and Vision

S Strength


The Federal Heights Fire Department is a municipal organization that protects the lives and property of the people of the City of Federal Heights, Colorado by providing all levels of fire and emergency services, including, but not limited to, fire suppression, rescue, medical care, ambulance transportation, and public education.


  • Eliminate preventable fires, injuries, and illnesses through public education, code enforcement and fire prevention programs.
  • Minimize the adverse effects of fires, natural disasters, hazardous materials, and other situations that threaten lives, property, and the environment.
  • Maintain and improve the quality of life of the people of the City of Federal Heights through the compassionate provision of medical services and transportation of the sick and injured to the appropriate medical facility.
  • Mitigate consequences of natural and man-made disasters through pro-active planning and preparedness.
  • Function as highly-trained professionals who value teamwork and diversity that reflect the community we serve.
  • Foster a work environment that values cultural differences, is free of harassment and discrimination, and provides innovative and effective leadership.
E Empathy
R Responsibility
V Vision
I Integrity
C Cooperation
E Excellence