Public Record Requests

Administrative Rules

The City Clerk's Office is responsible for Records Management for the City of Federal Heights. All open records requests, except Police Records (those covered under the Criminal Justice Records Act), should be directed to this office. All public records shall be open for inspection by any person that requests access and will be available within a reasonable time frame. The person or organization requesting the records will be responsible for completing a Public Records Request form. The form can be completed electronically through the link below, or in person at City Hall.

Request Instructions:

  • Electronic Records Requests: All electronic requests for public records must be done through the City's Public Records Request Form below.  This form is to be used only to request public records that include writings made, maintained or kept by the City.
  • Describe the document and be specific: Make records request as specific as possible because broadly stated requests that encompass "any and all" of a large category of documents, or which are without significant specificity, may create extenuating circumstances and require additional time and cost. Please use language in your request that asks for specific written documents.  General questions or requests for information cannot be answered through this portal.
  • Official Documents Only: Questions regarding interpretation of records provided pursuant to an Open Records Request are beyond the scope of the Colorado Open Records Act.
  • Schedule an Appointment: If you are requesting inspection of a document at City Hall you will also need to schedule and appointment with staff who will supervise the inspection.
  • Postage Fees: If you request records be sent by USPS, the requester shall be responsible for actual mailing costs. No fee shall be imposed for the transmission of electronic records.
  • Research and Retrieval Fees: The first hour of research and retrieval of documents is free.  Requests that will take longer than an hour are subject to the City's research and retrieval fee of $33.58 per hour which must be paid in full to the City Clerk prior to production of any documents. This fee typically applies to complex record requests and offsets the City's cost to research and retrieve documents and if necessary, to identify, segregate, and/or categorize privileged material.
  • Copies and Reproduction Fees: Copies are subject to a cost of .25 cents per standard page or the actual cost of providing copies of non-standard page documents (larger than 11" x 17"), the actual cost of reproducing DVDs, photographs, or maps, or the actual cost of manipulating or acquiring data to generate the record. All copying fees are due in full at the time of service.

Public Records Request Form

This form is NOT for requests for criminal justice records/police department records or municipal court records.

Criminal justice/police department records may be requested at this link.