Residential and Business Lock Box Program

This program provides for the placement of a sturdy, safe, secure lock box containing an access key that can be placed on the outside of a home or business.  The box can only be opened by authorized Fire Department personnel.  In an emergency, the lock box key can be quickly accessed by emergency responders to gain access to the home without causing damage to doors or windows.

While useful to all families, the residential program is especially beneficial to the elderly and to persons with medical disabilities or other health problems.  In cases where the resident is injured or is too ill to respond to the door to admit emergency responders, the Fire Department can easily access the lock box placed on the outside of the home, and use the keys inside it to gain quick access to the victim.

Lock Bock Application

For further information on the Federal Heights Fire Department Residential Lock Box Program, or to schedule an installation please call 303-427-7209.