Mayor Pro Tem Doris Peterson

Ward II
(720) 749-5992 Email
Term: November 2021 - November 2025

After serving on the Planning and Zoning Commission for 2 years, I applied for and was appointed to City Council to fill a vacant seat in April 2019. Born in Missouri, raised in Kansas, I moved to Colorado in 1975, residing in Greeley, Grand Junction, and Eagle. I attended Friends University in Wichita and majored in English and Journalism. My pet peeve is ill-treatment of the English language, and I often feel obligated to correct our TV personalities on their syntax and grammar, especially their pronunciation of the term “illegal”, which most pronounce as “e-legal”.

I have resided in Greeley, Grand Junction, and Eagle and have worked in advertising, radio and management. My husband and I retired in Bailey, Co. My hobbies include crafting and I love to crochet, do silk ribbon embroidery and paint. My almost two-year-old Border Collie/Labrador (sometimes called a “borador”) keeps me active with walks and playtime. I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren, who have told me I’ll never have great-grandchildren, which remains to be seen.

Please feel free to contact me with concerns, questions or other issues. I am here to serve the City and Ward II residents.