City Maps
Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Below are links to several maps* of the city.  Maps will open in new window.


pdf Street Map 11" x 17" 1.07 Mb

pdf Zoning Map 11" x 17" 1.05 Mb

pdf Neighborhood Map 11" x 17" 946.64 Kb

pdf Ward Map 11" x 17" 1.04 Mb

pdf Ward 2 - Ward 3 Boundary Map 678.41 Kb

pdf Precinct Map 11" x 17" 1.18 Mb

pdf Precincts and Wards Map 11" x 17" 1.18 Mb

pdf School Districts Map 11" x 17" 941.22 Kb

pdf Trails Map 8.5" x 11" 535.38 Kb

pdf Snow Removal Priorities Map 523.01 Kb

pdf FEMA Floodplains 488.60 Kb


* The City of Federal Heights has made every effort to make this data as accurate as possible. Use of this data is the sole responsibility of the user. The City of Federal Heights assumes no liability with the use or misuse of this information. Sale or reproduction of this information is prohibited without the express consent from the City of Federal Heights.