What is Victim Services?
Monday, 27 June 2011


VICTIM SERVICES  The Federal Heights Police Department utilizes a Victim Services Unit to provide support, information and referrals to crime victims.  Victim Advocates are available on a 24 hour basis, seven days a week.  The Department utilizes paid advocates as well as volunteer advocates. Victim Advocates provide you with information about your rights as the victim of a protected crime, information about your criminal case and help you understand the criminal justice process.  Victim Advocates can also provide information about Victim Compensation procedures.  Victim Advocates are highly trained to provide crisis intervention and emotional support and can provide referrals to emergency resources.Contact the Victim Services Unit at 303-412-3541 if you have questions about a criminal case, if you need information about the availability of community resources or if you would like information about volunteering as a victim advocate.


Victims' Rights  If you are a victim of any one of the crimes listed here, your right to be informed and to participate in all critical stages of the criminal justice process related to that crime is guaranteed by the Constitution of the State of Colorado and the laws of this state C.R.S. 24-4.1-302(1). If the victim is deceased or incapacitated, these rights are guaranteed to the victim's spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, significant other, or other lawful representative
- Murder, manslaughter or homicide
- Vehicular homicide or assault
- Assault
- Menacing
- Kidnapping
- Sexual assault on an adult or a child
- Sexual exploitation of children
- Robbery
- Incest
- Child Abuse
- Crimes against At-Risk adults, elderly or handicapped
- Crimes involving domestic violence
- Careless driving resulting in death
- Harassment by stalking
- Ethnic intimidation
- Tampering with a victim or witness
- Retaliation against a victim or witness
- Aggravated retaliation of a witness or victim
- Indecent Exposure
- Violation of a protection order in a sexual assault case


Resources for Victims:

17th Judicial District Attorney's Office  303-659-7720

17th Judicial Crime Victim Witness Unit  303-659-7735

Adams County Social Services 303-287-8831

Alternatives to Family Violence    303-289-4441
Anti Violence Project      303-839-5204
Asian Pacific Development Center    303-393-0304

Brighton Counseling Center  303-659-6280
Catholic Charities      720-974-1579
Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence  303-831-9632
Community Reach Center     303-853-3500
Colorado Legal Services     303-837-1313
Denver Indian Center      303-936-2688
Domestic Violence Initiatives for Women with Disabilities 303-839-5510
Gay& lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Community Ctr 303-733-7743
Goodwill Industries      303-650-7700
Project Safeguard      303-637-7761
Rape Awareness & Assistance Program   303-322-7273

Salvation Army Food Bank-Westminster 303-428-6430
Seniors, Inc.       303-300-6900
Senior Resource Center     303-238-8151
Servicios de la Raza      303-458-5851

Thornton Community Food Bank 303-287-7268
Women in Crisis      303-420-6752